October 21-24





Preconference: "Lead OnLine" and

Youth Conference: "Voting for a Better Tomorrow"


October 22 –24, 2016 Main Conference:

"Voting for Our Future: Betting on Our Youth"



Pictures from this years conference:




Roulette Wheel with RENO in middle Betting on the youth APRIL 22nd annual conference October 21-24

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Preconference Handouts

Intro to LeadOnline presentation

CIL Engagement

 Creating an Online Experience for Everyone

Enhance Your Services Online

Making a Plan for your CIL

LeadONline Preconference Resource List

Healthy Community Living informational Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJcDegTH7Yw

Healthy Community Living Video Visual Description


Keynote Presentation Materials

Welcoming Remarks from Bob Williams

Stephanie Wooward How We Can All Be A Part of History Disability Integration Act

Advocacy Update

Zach Baldwin Rev up the Vote


Concurrent Workshop Materials

Stick It to Stigma: Embrace, Educate, Equalize

Agrability and APRIL: Is Your CIL Farm Ready?

Peer Support The Innovative Hook to Bring Them In

Making Generations Work for Independent Living

How to EQUIP Young Adults with Disability Pride and Self-Advocacy A Tool for Successful Young Adult Program Creation

Bettin on the Value of Equal Opportunity for Community Participation


Redeeming Your Token

Now What? What's Next? Risk Mitigation and Succession Planning

The Youth Transitions Program VR and Schools Can't Refuse

Be Loud Be Proud Be a Self-Advocate

Help I'm Sick and Can't Get Treatment Powerpoint

Help I'm Sick and Can't Get Treatment Rich Text Format

Building Community Capacity CIL Fact Sheet

 Building Community Capacity White Paper



Building A VA-CIL Network to Enhance Rural Veterans Health and Independence

Building a VA-CIL network to enhance rural veterans part 2

The L Word- CILS and SILCS can Lobby!

Systems Advocacy ADAPT Style

The Laws of Inclusive Neighborhoods: Protection for People with Disabilities under the Fair Housing Act and ADA

Mediating ADA Complaints Brochure

Mediating ADA Complaints Fact Sheet


Strategic Planning It's Not Set it and Forget it

Parking Etiquette: Reserving your Van Accessible Spaces

IL Movement and African Americans: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Creating Brave Spaces for LGBTQ Youth with Disabilities powerpoint

Creating Brave Spaces for LGBTQ Youth with Disabilities Gender Unicorn Worksheet

Activities that Teach

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started: Youth Transitions Powerpoint

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started: Youth Transitions: Teens in Transition Fact Sheet

Critical Conversations on Independent Living


Building a Strong Relationship with Parent Ran Organizations

Methodology for Increasing State and Federal Funding in Your State powerpoint

Methodology for Increasing State and Federal Funding in Your State Worksheet

CIL and SILC Fiscal Responsibility

Emergency Preparedeness

Disability History Timeline

AYLF From the Ground Up





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