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2020 and Beyond Building the Next Generation of IL  

26th Annual APRIL Conference

“2020 and Beyond: Building the Next Generation of IL”

October 12-16, 2020 - Online


Welcome Ceremonies

Julie Hocker, Billy Altom, Scott Burlingame, John Bird



Keynote Session: Building the Next Generation of IL

Dustin Gibson, Fanisee Bias, Sarah Martinez

As we move forward as a movement, its important to think about how we are building the next generation of Independent Living. How are we ensuring that we are elevating and including all voices such as those from multiply marginalized backgrounds, young people, and those who are new to Independent Living. What can we be doing to engage a new generation of leaders? How do we support them, and ensure that as a movement we are continually growing and challenging ourselves? Join our amazing mix of panelists as they share their thoughts while hopefully sparking yours to think about Beyond 2020.



Closing Ceremonies

Maria Town, Billy Altom

Awards, voting rights, and youth wrap



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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

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Nursing Home Transition

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