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2024 Youth Peer Support Meetings


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Meetings are 4th Tuesday of every month

We are currently holding our APRIL Youth Peer Support meetings the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/5 PM MT/4 PM PT

The meetings will take place on Zoom, and will require participants to register.

ASL and CART will be available for all participants.

Come spend an hour chatting with youth and young adults with disabilities from all over the United States about our experiences, both shared and unique!

1 youthAPRIL B.Y.O.B.

(Bringing Youth on Board) 

  APRIL is committed to youth with disabilities. We have been leading the charge to bring youth on board in the IL Movement for the past couple of decades, and will continue for as long as their are young people interested in getting involved. If you have ideas for trainings or other ways we can support youth with disabilities in our communities, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

APRIL Youth Conference

APRIL hosed the first large-scale gathering of rural youth with disabilities and CILs at the 10th annual APRIL conference in Minneapolis as a preconference. At the 20th Annual Conference youth attendance grew so large they became an official conference rather than a pre-conference. Early support came from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation providing stipends to youth to help cover the costs of attending. We continue outreach today to find support for youth across the country to join us every year no matter where we are. Would you like to support the youth conference? 

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This day long conference is the day before the Annual APRIL Conference. Youth attendees are encouraged to stay for the entire conference, where we have a youth track of workshops throughout along with fun activties such as scavenger hunts to learn about resources and a dance to make and mingle with friends. This youth conference and engaging youth activities throughout the entire conference are planned by youth for youth through our youth steering committee. 



Youth Steering Committee

The Youth Steering Committee is made up of youth and people that are passionate about young people.  An Executive Committee plans, fundraises, recruits, markets, design, coordinate, and run the Youth Conference every year that is held prior to the APRIL annual conference.  This growing group of committee young people have taken the Youth Conference from 20 youth to 120 youth and growing.  If you are interested in joining us for the planning we meet monthly for phone calls to continue the work.



Resources and Materials

The team of youth that jumped started the Youth Peer to Peer Mentoring Project also spent some time putting together a collection of materials from around the country.  These materials have been a collaborative effort from youth programs from years ago to those that are still inventing some great material today.  APRIL has been able to capture that information all in one place so you can use it, modify, add to, and share it within your CIL, organization, or any other programs today. This material is always growing, and we are adding to it every day.  If you have material from your CIL that you would like to share such as sample flyers, letters, advertisements, activities, or more please let us know so we can add to the materials.  We also encourage you to share how you have modified the activity so we can add to it as well. 



Youth Coordinators Connect

Online Peer Support for all those providing youth services in their communities



Peer to Peer 

Establishing a Youth Peer to Peer Mentoring program where we send young leaders out to help other CILS start, improve, or begin the planning process of including youth into their programs or creating a youth focused program.



The APRIL "Lead On" Collaborative: 

With the generous help of the FORD FOUNDATION, we have launched, and are continuing, the APRIL "Lead On" Collaborative, a leadership program designed for youth and young adults with disabilities who want to take the next step in their leadership journey. 



We also have two positions on our Board of Directors designated for youth with disabilities. Contact us to find out how you can get involved as a youth leader.