Having the resources to become knowledgeable on areas that you must be a strong advocate are key to change.  We hope this information gives you the resources to improve housing access and options for people with disabilities and our community as a whole!


HCBS Resources


Scary or Not Scary: Understanding HCBS Settings Rule 


Summary of this Training:

APRIL and NASILC present an intro to HCBS Settings Rule Guidance webinar and how the Independent Living network fits in. Hopefully these rules that once seemed complicated and scary will be demystified and you will have a better idea of how your CIL or SILC fits.

APRIL and NASILC will discuss what work they are doing with IL on this rule. Followed by nuts and bolts of the program from Kate Brady, Project Manager, NCAPPS & HCBS Engagement, and examples from peers in your field of how you might partner. Commissioner Jill Jacobs and Director of the Office of Independent Living Programs walked us thorugh why and how this important work fits in the field of Independent Living. 


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A: If you select switch playback view in the bottom right hand corner to gallery you can see all the speakers and ASL interpreter in the playback!

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