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Nursing Home Transition


2021-2022 Transition priorities and resources:

*Relocation of Congregate Settings Sign on Letter 2020 COVID

*This letter is for public use in relocating individuals from congregate settings in these COVID unprecedented times.

Navigating the FEMA Emergency Relocation Reimbursement Process:

This session will address nursing home transition during emergencies. Attendees will learn what works, what doesn't, steps needed in order to be successful when requesting reimbursement from FEMA / State EMAs for your transition work and how to establish an MOU with your State EMA.


Presentation Materials:




Resources from the Presenters


FEMA Resources


Save Institutional Lives Via Emergency Relocation (SILVER) Task Force 


Stakeholders forum, July 2021:

Long Term Care Facility Resident Relief Package 2020:

Check out the advocacy around relocation efforts for long term care facilities.