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"The APRIL Youth Conference would not be possible without all the work of our dedicated volunteers. Thank you for your commitment to youth with disabilities and APRIL. If you see these young folks at our conference, congratulate them on all their hard work and accomplishments, and give them a huge IL Thank You for getting the next generation excited to LEAD ON."

- APRIL Staff


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We hosted the first large-scale gathering of rural youth with disabilities and CILs at the 10th annual APRIL conference in Minneapolis. Establishing an ongoing Youth Steering Committee to make sure the youth conference is for youth and by youth.

The Youth Steering Committee is comprised of young volunteers and more who are passionate about youth involvement and engagement. We meet once a month to plan every youth detail of the annual APRIL Conference.  We plan details to the Youth Conference that is held the Friday before each conference.  We also plan the youth activities that take place throughout the rest of the weekend.  Our goal as a committee is to offer an opportunity to youth from across the country to come together to learn about issues in IL and how they can get involved when they return home. 

2024 APRIL Youth Steering Executive Committee Bios

[positions run January 2024 - November 2024]


Noah Russell, Chair

Pronouns: He/Him

 Full body photo of Noah Russell. Noah is a young white man with shorter brown hair and glasses. He is wearing a tan color suit.

Noah Russell is a member of the Space Coast Independent Living Center. He holds 4 going on 5 black belts, is a supporter of United Way, a member of the Autistic Community, and is the Chair of the YSC (Youth Steering Committee). He is a dedicated to helping people all around by advocating for people in his community and in his state of Florida.  He works at Publix Super Markets and through them helps people with disabilities and non-disabled people.  


Jordan Hayes, Vice Chair 

Pronouns: She/Her

Photo of Jordan Hayes, a white young woman with dark framed glasses, blonde hair in an updo with bangs, red lipstick, and black long-sleeve shirt.

Jordan is a 26 year old woman who grew up in South Carolina. She graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelors in Social Work in 2021. Previously, she worked as a self-advocate for York CAN and now works for a Center for Independent Living, Disability Rights & Resources, in Charlotte, North Carolina as a Peer Mentor. Jordan is passionate about being in community with individuals with disabilities, offering support to folks envisioning their future, and helping individuals navigate local resources. She enjoys working collaboratively and is always excited to learn something new.


Olivia Glaubiger, Secretary

Headshot of Olivia Glaubiger, a young white woman with long brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She is posing for a photo outside with trees as a background.

As a young disabled professional who believes in the meaning of the Independent Living Philosophy, working as a member of the Marin Center for Independent Living (Marin CIL), is a privilege that she tries to also instill in others. Olivia is a University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. And an Alumna of California’s YO! (Youth Organizing) Disabled & Proud program. YO! Is a program that organizes, educates, and connects disabled youth to advocate and create policy change. During her time with YO! She helped launch the Disability Leadership Speaker Series. Beyond disability advocacy, Olivia is a huge musical theater fan and has been involved in the theater since she was young!


Cecile Atimango, Fundraising Chair

Photo of Cecile Atimango, a young Black woman with long braids. Cecile is sitting in a wheelchair wearing a colorful skirt and cheetah print blazer. 

 My name is Cecile Atimango and was born in DRC Congo I’m a farmer Peer Support Specialist at LINC in Boise Idaho and just recently moved to nonprofit healthcare organization and is currently working as a outreach and Enrollment I loved my job at LINC but sometimes in Life you have to do things differently enjoying my new rule. I have passion for my community and enjoy helping others. 


 Maxx Gastelum, Social Media Chair

Pronouns: He/Him

 Photo of Maxx Gastelum, a young adult with dissheveled blonde hair with a streak of faded pink in it. amaxx is wewaring glasses, has multiple facial piercings, and is wearing a black top.

 Maxx is a 20 year old man who was born in Utah, moved around quite a bit and settled down in Tampa, Florida. He lives with his partner and 2 cats. Cowboi is a 3 legged Tabby obsessed with wearing clothes, and Hemlock, a tuxedo cat who also goes by Hemmy and has a taste for adorable chaos. He has Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos, BPD, and AuDHD. However, that doesn't stop him from doing anything creative. Between art, creating music, working on his beloved Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse GTS named Bee, photography, graphic design, sewing and crocheting, cosplay and more, he's always looking for another way to express himself. He strives for adovacy for all and started his endeavor in disability advocacy after his time at YLF in 2021. That then blossomed into becoming YLF staff in 2022 and 2023, one of the first members of FILC's youth committee and now APRIL's youth steering committee's social media chairman. He is now a Head Cashier at Lowe's while working on his BAS in Cyber Operations, Defense and Forensics at Arizona University. However, no matter busy he is, whenever you need a helping hand, life advice or someone to listen, he will gladly make time and vows to serve this committee to the best of his ability.