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State of Rural Housing Call #1 Recording from May 8th, 2018

This webinar was the first of a series of events to begin a process of unpacking these complicated issues surrounding housing and move forward as a community towards solution focused thinking. Although our focus is housing in rural areas, we acknowledge that these issues are not isolated to rural and so we welcome everyone to participate in the conversation. We discussed: Themes for future discussions and trainings, Emerging practices and success stories from the field, Beginning a framework for working together as a community to address housing as a barrier.

Webinar Recording:

Captioning Transcript for Download




Fair Housing Resources:






Fair Housing Presentation 4-20-2017 Power Point File


      Chemical Sensitivity Resources:

 The U. S. Access Board issued the Indoor Environmental Quality Project Report (2006) which focuses on making public and commercial spaces healthier for everyone and more accessible for people with chemical and electrical sensitivities or intolerances 


E.I. Wellspring is heavily-trafficked, down-to-earth, thorough."E.I." is short for Environmental Illness/Intolerance.


NCIL Taskforce Toolkit for Removing Barriers for those with Environmental Health


Resources for Educating the Community and Advocacy:

 Fact sheet access to accessible housing PDF file

 OHEC Housing and Health Position Statement PDF file

Resources for educating homebuyers, builders, and realtors

Financial/Funding Resources:

  Funding Opportunity for Housing Vouchers for People with Disabilities 


Partner Resources:


Housing Trainings

CIL Transition Services Survey


Home Usability Program


Visitability (Basic Access to Homes) Resources:


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