Preamble to APRIL’s National Advocacy Strategy

 APRIL is a national membership organization dedicated to advancing the rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities in rural America.

APRIL is committed to an aggressive and culturally-appropriate advocacy strategy tied to our Vision statement: “APRIL is the unified voice of independent living in rural America.” In furtherance of that Vision, APRIL has engaged hundreds of members and dedicated many hours aimed at developing a mission-focused systems change agenda to further the civil rights of all people with disabilities regardless of age, disability, income, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or nationality.

Equally as important to us, is ensuring that young people with disabilities are integrated into all facets of program development and delivery. We are truly committed to the mantra: Nothing About Us, Without Us. 

APRIL Advocacy Priorities 2015

 #1. APRIL Advocacy Priorities 2012

#2. APRIL Advocacy Subcommittee Descriptions

#3. APRIL Subcommittee Processes