Welcome to the 2023 APRIL CONFERENCE 

Introducing the Outcome Measurement Toolkit—A Resource for Centers for Independent Living

Krys Standley, Jeff Gutierrez, Paula McElwee


Session Overview:

This workshop introduces the newly created Outcome Measurement Toolkit, which CIL directors and administrators can use as a guide in taking tangible steps to improve their programs’ outcomes. In this workshop, you will learn two valuable aspects of using this toolkit: (1) helping you assess and manage your programs’ outcomes and (2) demonstrating your programs’ impact for funding purposes. We will share how, through using this toolkit, CIL directors, administrators, and staff can learn to work collaboratively to measure, evaluate, and ultimately improve consumer outcomes. The toolkit starts where your CIL is, with its existing programs and guides you to better measure and understand the outcomes of your current programs. This workshop will provide an orientation to the progression of the toolkit and explain how you can use it to gather the kinds of information that help to tell compelling stories that demonstrate your programs’ impact.


Additional Materials for This Session:


About Your Presenters:

Krys Standley (she/they)

Krys is a Montanan with strong rural ties who works as a researcher with the Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural). Krys values inclusive practices and has led participatory curriculum development projects such as the Outcome Measurement Toolkit – A Resource for Centers for Independent Living. Outside of work, Krys enjoys spending time on the rivers and in the mountains.


Jeff Gutierrez (he/him)

Jeff Gutierrez joined the knowledge translation team at RTC:Rural in October 2021. He has a BA in Sociology from the University of California-Riverside and received his MA in Sociology: Rural and Environmental Change from the University of Montana.

Jeff is a multifaceted professional that delights in deconstructing concepts and generating abstract connections to synthesize ideas into a coherent whole. His diverse professional background includes technical writing, quality improvement and accreditation, community development, program development and management, and organizational leadership.

He is fascinated by society and culture, context and perspective, and the anomalous place they meet to produce the vast human experience. Jeff has thorough experience working within rural communities and enthusiastically helps apply research to encourage action, broaden participation, and foster innovation to improve the lives of people with disabilities in rural communities.


Paula McElwee


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