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Presenter Resources


Conference presenters, please find some helpful resources and tools for ensuring your presentation content is accessible! If you have any questions about content accessibility please contact Rachel Kaplan, Communication Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click on the titles below to download PowerPoints focused on accessibility of presentations:

Making Your Presentation Accessible to All: Incorporating Audio Description Into Your Presentation by Rebecca Williams – Lead Information Specialist Southeast ADA Center

Accessible Presentation Basics by the Shepard Center


Plain Language: ABLE SC 


For specific questions related to this recorded session please contact Mary Williard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

APRIL Conference 2022 Accessibility of Presentations Overview: Recorded Meeting


Presenter FAQ:

Will there be a projector in the room: Yes, you will have a projector to connect your laptop to.

Do I have to bring my own alternate formats?:  Yes, if you are planning on bringing physical handouts to your workshop, please also bring 3 Large print copies (Font of 18 or larger), and please submit any handouts to the APRIL team to be checked for electronic access and to be added to the website for electronic accessibility NO LATER than Sept. 25th. We also understand that flying with large Braille documents may be cumbersome, and so if you do not have Braille copies of the handouts you are bringing on hand, please ensure that you have submited electronic copies for the website and have an option for someone to request Braille if the electronic does not meet their needs. Please note that all attendees will have access to the website and if you would like to only offer electronic resources via the APRIL conference website rather than bringing prints that is ok too! 

What about a Laptop? We are not supplying laptops unless you have requested that you are not bringing your own. Please have the most recent powerpoint that you are using to present with on your laptop to present. We will have the powerpoints that you submitted on our website in a pdf format and the training director will have a backup copy of your powerpoint in an emergency. 

Can I play videos?: yes, You can play videos. You MUST have closed captioning for your video. If it is absolutely impossible to have captioning on your video, you must submit a script of your video to Mary Willard no later than September 25th so that the captioning team can be prepared to support that media. You will have an Audio in line available for videos. 

What if I get to my workshop room and something goes wrong?:  Please try to get to your room and begin set up as soon as possible before your workshop. There are 30 min breaks in between all the training blocks. If you are having technical or other issues you can approach the APRIL board member assigned to your room as a monitor as soon as you realize you have an issue.

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