Welcome to the 2023 APRIL CONFERENCE 

Many Thanks


It takes a village, a family, a group of people coming together, whatever you want to call it, that is what happened this year. Many thanks to the APRIL Board members, staff, presenters and many many other friends and supporters out there who made this conference come together. There are of course a few people who we want to mention by name, but even if we didn't mention you, trust us, we noticed your support, we value you!


To all of our presenters, this conference could not happen without YOU!! We send you our gratitude, our thanks, Kudos, applause and our appreciation for sharing your time and knowledge with us.  


We give Gratitude to all of our Conference Sponsors who stepped up again this year to support us! 


Huge Kudos to our Conference Vendors for choosing to support our event with your valuable resources. You are irreplaceable!  


A special we appreciate you to Service Center for Independent Life in California for graciously donating COVID tests for APRIL Conference attendees.


Applause for Red Cross for sending masks to keep our attendees safe.


A giant We Owe You! to Dayle McIntosh and Brittany Zazueta for her and her team helping us find local resources, jumping in as presenters, and being our all around go to person when while we were learning the lay of the land of that local area.


Thank you to Ka'borski with Sign Glasses for heading up our Closed Captioning, ASL Interpreters, Spanish Interpreter, and Spanish translation for our conference. We appreciate your ability to follow our wacky changes and switches! Without you we would not have been able to provide accessible attendance for this conference!


And to all of YOU!  You showing up and being here with us means the world to us. Thank you for sharing in the Magic of IL. To Us at APRIL, the Magic of IL is being with all of you, our community, sharing, supporting, and believing in the philosophy and the work we do.


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