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Utilizing our collective power, DAC provides independent living services while fostering attitudes, policies, and environments of equality and freedom. Our board strives to create a compassionate and accessible place for people with disabilities. We encourage people with disabilities to take control of their lives and to live life to the fullest.

In 1990 DAC was a program called North Idaho CIL and a part of Stepping Stones, Inc.  Federal law and diverging issues meant we had to form a new nonprofit to keep our grant funds.  The necessary documents were filled out and signed to become a new company and a 501c3 nonprofit. On May 1, 1993 DAC officially began business with a federal grant of about $100,000 and a public transit system that was struggling.  But with grass roots determination and collaborative leadership, DAC grew from the little grant project it was to what it is today.  In 1993, DAC had a budget of about $150,000. Last year, it paid out more than 1 million in payroll, owns three office buildings in Moscow, Lewiston and Post Falls to serve the entire Inland Northwest.

BluePath, managed by DAC Northwest, is a newly revamped website with accessibility information for businesses and *NEW* outdoor recreation based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is cross-disability and free to use. An app will be out later this year.  



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