Welcome to the 2023 APRIL CONFERENCE 

Disability Counts: An RTC:Rural tool to support accessing and using data for advocacy, reporting, and funding

Lillie Greiman


Session Overview:

Centers for Independent Living, disability advocates, and researchers rely on data to better understand the experiences of people with disabilities in the communities they serve. However, disability data can be challenging to access and often comes with significant limitations. RTC:Rural developed Disability Counts to address these challenges and improve access to disability data for advocates, providers, and residents of rural communities. Join this workshop to learn about this suite of data tools designed to support disability data access. The workshop will include a tutorial on navigating two interactive dashboards: one illustrating characteristics of people with disabilities living in the community, and another identifying populations both with and without disabilities living in institutions (i.e. nursing and correctional facilities). We will also explore how you can download and use this information for your own advocacy, reporting, and funding activities, as well as discuss what data you would like to see incorporated into these dashboards in the future.


Additional Materials for This Session:


About Your Presenter:

Lillie Greiman 

Lillie Greiman works as a Project Director at the Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural) and has been with the center since 2012. She works across numerous projects with partners across the country and is passionate about the collaborative work the RTC:Rural does to improve the lives of people with disabilities in rural communities. Her focus areas are: housing, community participation, rural community development and spatial and demographic analysis.

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