Welcome to the 2023 APRIL CONFERENCE 

Solution Centered Language: Reaching Risk-Sensitive Populations

Sequoia Commins and Andy Padilla


Session Overview:

Come join Tri-County Independent Living in a workshop and conversation around how to engage different type of consumers who may have a disability but do not identify with disability culture. Learn how using inclusive and solution based language has effected outreach efforts, peer support groups, and independent living specialist work. Based out of Northern California, our presenters will be ready to present their challenges and how they have been overcome to reach some our most sensitive populations.

Additional Materials for this Session:


About your Presenters:


Sequoia Commins (she/her)

Sequoia Commins is an Independent Living Specialist from Tri-County Independent Living. From Crescent City, CA, Sequoia has been working for two years in establishing a satellite office in one of the most remote counties in California. Sequoia's skills and expertise go hand in hand with rural communication, networking practices, and engaging with indigenous populations.

Andy Padilla (he/him)

Andy Padilla is the Youth Coordinator at Tri-County Independent Living in both Crescent City and Eureka. Coming from a background in community organizing, Andy continues to learn community engagement practices through interacting with the regions diverse communities. Tapping on his background in outdoor recreation & interpretation, Andy has forged new partnerships between TCIL and a diverse collection of community agencies.

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