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APRIL understands that across the country youth and young adults is the hot topic. Many Centers for Independent Living and Statewide Independent Living Councils are unsure how to get youth involved.  This year we have asked our youth expert mentors to present on topics that could assist yourgoals of starting a program or growing the existing youth involvement, you may already have. 

We understand that not everyone is at the point in their CIL or SILC to have a Youth Peer to Peer, but we want to support and assist the best way we can with these calls. 


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October 3, 2018- Susan Cervellera-Disability History

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New to IL, passionate about what we do, but not sure about where we started? Many youth feel this way as well. Come learn about where we started and invite a youth into your CIL/SILC to learn too! Enjoy while we dive into the medical model vs. the social model, history of the ADA, IDEA, Rehab Act, history of ADAPT, institutionalization, sterilization, Ugly laws and talk about the huge advocates including Ed Roberts, Justin Dart, Dorothea Dix plus much more!

How to Apply: Learn more about disability history. Learn how to engage youth into history. Why we need to cover history as a topic when working with youth.


December 5th, 2018- Grant Heffelfinger-LGBTQ+ Community

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Join us for an interactive talk on supporting inclusion for our youth with disabilities.  There will be a discussion to support our LGBT youth with disabilities and how to include LGBT youth in our centers.    

How to Apply: To create collaboration with CILs and LGBTQ+ organizations in the community. To increase diversity onto staff, consumers, volunteers, and board members.  To ensure that your CIL/SILC is inclusive.



Per Training Rate: $35


Per Training Rate: $50

We hope that you will join us and if you would like more of an individual experience or training you can contact our Youth Programs Coordinator, Sierra Royster at 919-567-3602 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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