APRIL supports inclusion of the following values in healthcare reform:



  • All people should have access to quality healthcare.
  • Healthcare services should be provided statewide in homes and local communities.
  • Medical facilities, equipment, and services must be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Healthcare services must be provided regardless of age, disability, or type of services needed.
  • Healthcare facilities critical to rural quality of life must have flexible reimbursement rates to continue to serve rural residents.
  • Non-emergency transportation must be provided to ensure full and equal access to supports and services. 


  • Healthcare services should cover community-based attendant services, durable medical equipment, medical care, and medically based support services that will enable individuals to live as they choose.
  • Healthcare should pay for preventive care.
  • Individuals should not be denied healthcare due to pre-existing conditions.
  • Healthcare services should be consumer directed 


  • Individuals should not be charged higher insurance premiums based on disability, age, or gender.
  • States should establish a council that develops and oversees implementation of a healthcare reform plan. This council should include individuals with disabilities, seniors, minorities, and health care professionals among it’s members. 

Cost Effective 

  • Healthcare must be affordable with a limit on premiums and out of pocket expenses.
  • Provision of medical services should not be limited or capped due to the cost of care.
  • Healthcare reform must increase long-term care options so all Americans can live independently in their homes and communities using cost effective long-term care services and supports.

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