North Carolina


The Adaptables: Winston-Salem, NC   

The Adaptables, in Winston Salem, generally provides the 4 core CIL services to veterans based on need. Vets may then be referred to organizations working with veterans.


Disability Rights and Resources: Charlotte, NC

Disability Rights and Resources in Charlotte also provides the 4 core services to veterans and has a good relationship with the VA service offices because of staff participation in the American Legion. They also have regular articles in their newsletters that are targeted to veterans.


Western Alliance CIL: Asheville, NC -

disAbility Resource Center 

How we are serving Veterans:
disAbility Resource Center is a CIL serving the lower Cape Fear Region of North Carolina.  We have just dedicated a staff position to work directly with Veterans with both service and non-service related disabilities to help find resources in our community that will allow them to live as independently as possible.

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