BRILC: Roanoke, WA
About 6 Veterans are currently being provided the 4 core services at this Center. They have provided waiver training to employees from the local VA hospital and are hoping to collaborate with them on other services. They have also met with representatives of the Wounded Warrior program.


Walton Options for Independent Living, Inc. Augusta, GA
Augusta is home to two VA medical centers and an Army Post. WO’s service area extends to Savannah where Ft. Stewart is located and to Dublin, where another VA center exists within their technology service area. For many years, they have had some crossover with Vets who visit the VA center for vision services primarily due to the CIL’s involvement with the Chapter 2 Older Blind program. This is often a reciprocal referral situation as the VA can frequently provide far more equipment. In addition, WO collaborates with the VA to provide home modification services on a fee for service basis. The CIL regularly provides home modifications for individuals, so when a Veteran needs those services, WO usually goes back through the VA program to request funds for the project.

WO operates an equipment re-utilization program in conjunction with the STAR network in Georgia and South Carolina. Veterans may utilize this program when they have been unable to receive equipment through other sources.

Walton Options is a Social Security Work Incentives Program site and several of their Community Work Incentives Coordinators make regular visits to the VA centers to assist Veterans with work benefits. In cooperation with the VA CAP program, an outsourcing program that funds technology and training mostly for the Wounded Warriors, the CIL provides technology training primarily on Zoom Text, JAWS, and Dragon.

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