Abilities in Motion: Reading, PA
This center is working with 12 Veterans. In an attempt to build relationships, they met with the General and staff of the local headquarters for Pennsylvania National Guard & Army Reserve, to let them know about CIL and other services available for Veterans and eligible family members. They are also trying to get the word out to Veterans that their family members with disabilities sometimes qualify for Veteran’s services. Abilities in Motion works with Veterans to ensure they receive the services for which they are eligible.


Anthracite Region CIL: Hazelton, PA
Veterans who visit this Center are provided the 4 core services as well as information on a waiver program through the Department of Public Welfare. They have provided services to about 62 Veterans.


Northeast PA CIL: Scranton, PA
This center provides the 4 core services to Veterans, but has no specialized programs directed to Veterans.

Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living
Providing core services to Veterans in Washington, Fayette and Greene Counties.  Two offices are available for Tri-County Patriots including Washington and Uniontown.
Address: 69 E. Beau Street Washington, PA    Phone: 724-223-5115  Contact person: Kim Gibson
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Web Address:

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Address Information:
11324 Arcade Drive, Suite 9
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Phone: 501-753-3400
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