Disability Resource Association: Crystal City, MO
This Center is located in a half rural, half urban area. While there are 2 VA hospitals close by, there is a small gap between them where no VA transportation is available. DRA provides free transportation to the VA hospital for Veterans that reside in that “uncovered” area. Fundraisers provide the resources to support this free service. DRA also does public advocacy and provides in-home services including home modifications and ramps through the VA hospitals. They provide loaner equipment (anything from motorized wheel chairs to shower chairs) to Vets until the VA can get equipment to them. Center staff assists Veterans who are eligible for a Missouri property tax credit, to apply for the tax credit, which does not count against their benefits. In 2009 DRA worked with 68 Veterans and usually averages between 60-125 Veterans per year. www.disabilityresourceassociation.org   


Independent Living Center: Joplin, MO.
This Center has partnered with the local VA office and provides attendant care, home care, home modifications and adaptive equipment for Veterans. Some of the adaptive equipment is paid for by VA and some is not. They also provide peer support and advocacy services to Vets as well as some transportation. Working with their local Legion, Center staff volunteers to do events and other things to raise awareness. This Center is currently working with approximately 75-80 Veterans. www.ilcenter.org


Southwest Center for Independent Living: Springfield, MO
This Center does not track “Veterans” status of consumers but estimates they work with around 1000 Veterans per year. Most contact is for Information and Referral and their adaptive telephone program. The Center provides the 4 core services, personal attendant services, assistive technology programs and they assist the State with an adaptive telephone program for Veterans. They currently have a project to try to expand Veterans outreach and programs. www.swcil.org

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