Narrative of Veteran Services/Outreach for the

Wisconsin Centers for Independent Living


 The Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin,(CILWW)

Is collaborating with colleagues at other Independent Living Centers to refer them to the appropriate VA service agencies if that is what the Veterans is needing in their center. Sometimes it is a matter of translating VA lingo and acronyms. Although the process has been long, we have built a good rapport with the CVSOs. Several years ago very few had any idea what IL centers did. When possible we continue open dialog with the CVSOs to maintain current information. CILWW has had a service connected Veteran working to assist in the process for several years.           .

We have met with all of the County Veterans Service Officer’s (CVSO’s) in our service area. This has helped to provide them with information in what we do in our core services. As well to obtain information from them so that we are better prepared to answer any questions from other IL centers and/or Veteran’s in our state. 

In the last two years, CILWW has provided direct services or information to nearly 200 Veterans. In addition to providing direct services, we collaborate with North Country Independent Living and local CVSOs in providing transportation services for our veterans. These rides include medical transportation, shopping, and other needed trips. Although, we have no program specific to Veterans, our assistive technology program is able to assist in trying devices such as amplified phones, alerting systems, and other aids for daily living. We are able to help identify community programs and partners that may assist the Veteran and also help navigate in locating where these programs are and who they need to contact. Because Wisconsin has two Veterans Integrated Service Networks navigation help is needed from time to time.

Independent Living Centers in Wisconsin all provide core services that Veterans could benefit from. Their names and websites are listed under Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin, Inc ( CILWW)

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