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When you open this link it goes to map of the US.  When you click on a state two lines pop up. One will be State Resources as an example.  If you click on the state resource line a list will appear that includes CILs in that state along with other state resources.

Here is a link to the Veteran’s Hiring Toolkit for Employers:  http://www.americasheroesatwork.gov/forEmployers/HiringToolkit  

Interested in developing or enhancing a Veterans hiring initiative for your company but don't know where to begin?

This Toolkit can help. It is designed to assist and educate employers who have made the
proactive decision to include transitioning Service Members, Veterans and wounded warriors
in their recruitment and hiring initiatives.

The U.S. Department of Labor recognizes that employers can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the plethora of Veterans hiring resources available to them. So, this Toolkit was developed to simplify the process and put valuable resources at your fingertips. It serves to pinpoint helpful tools and outline some important steps to take when designing a Veterans hiring initiative that works for your particular business.


Recognizing that each employer is unique, this guide allows you to select from promising practices and other resources that employers are using to successfully welcome talented and skilled Veterans into their companies. Whether you are looking to create a plan from scratch or retool existing efforts, we encourage you to reference this guide and design an initiative that works for you.


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