Rural Conversation Community - 6/11/2020

Covid-19 Questions for this discussion. Have you come up with your center's reopening guidelines? What do the guidelines look like. And more....

Transcript for this training. 


COVID-19 Check in December 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined our call, COVID-19 Peer Support Checkin Coordinated by APRIL, Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living.  Attached Is the transcript from this webinar and the saved chat, along with materials that were mentioned on the call by Misty Dion on transition from congregate setting in COVID-19 and the Vaccine rollout sheet from AUCD that was in the chat.  I apologize I didn’t download a few of the fliers for events before closing the event, but if you would like to send those to me, I am happy to resend out.

The recording can be found Here and will be available for the next couple of months. I apologize I didn’t start it until a few minutes in, but the full transcript is also attached for your review.

Also as a reminder, we were fortunate to be able to collaborate with the ILRU Training and Technical Assistance Center to continue Peer Checkin opportunities in the new year. Keep a look out for announcements for the Rural Conversation Community Peer Support Hour Series the third Wednesday of the month @ 10 Pacific; 1 Eastern  in partnership with the ILRU Training and Technical Assistance Center for future Peer Support Check-in opportunities.

In case you don’t hear it enough, thank you all for the work you do to continue to ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind in these trying times. You really do make a difference every day. Sometimes it may feel like we are never doing enough when the elephant you are up against is as big as COVID-19 has become.  Thank you each and every one, please know, we at APRIL notice you and appreciate the work you do every day on the ground for people with disabilities everywhere.  Have a happy and safe holidays- Mary, Billy, Sierra, and Elissa @ APRIL

Below are some of the links that were shared in the chat (Chat text file also attached in full):


Todd Holloway : The WA State link I referred to in regard to crisis counseling:WA Listens |

Some Deaf HH and Deaf/Blind work links:   Jim House is the key contact!!!

Nursing Home Evacuation, Relocation, & Transition during a Pandemic - ZoomTraining from APRIL CONFERENCE

Personal Assitance Services COVID-19

See the below link for advocacy around relocation efforts for long term care facility residents to get the relief we need in the next COVID-19 Relief Package

11:52:55         From  Todd Holloway : Our (WA) training and conference resource and routine (Daily) calls on Disability Rights during CV19.

Moceans Cil

Women's Group:

12/18/2020, Happy Hour Friday:

12/16/2020, Peer to Peer: with Lina Wayne

For Anyone Interested Services for Independent Living is offering a Youth Support Group via zoom on the 2nd and 3rd Friday of each month to support our youths ages 14-21. We have found that there is a lot of social isolation surrounding the pandemic with our youths and so we came up with Ready, Youth, Go or RYG to support our youths. If anyone has any youths they think may benefit from the group please feel free to contact me at 216-389-2352 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeannette Lanterman DAC Redding, just circling back to calls and mental health. We have been trained for Mental Health First Aiders at DAC in order to look and listen for signs of crisis and how to implement resources in order to assist our clients with mental health issues outside of our scope.


December Checkin Transcript


Flowchart for transitioning


 Rural Conversation Series on COVID-19:

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May 12, 2020 Covid-19 Discussion

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April 15th Call COVID-19 supporting your rural communities peer support call.

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Transcipt: Transcript from COVID-19 call

Chat: Saved Chat


March 24th Call



 Youth Coordinators Connect

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IL-NET National Training & Technical Assistance Center for Independent Living presents...

Rural Conversation Community - Peer Support for COVID-19
May 12, 2020; 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Join us for a Rural Conversation Community discussion around COVID-19. The Rural Conversation Community series is operated by ILRU's IL-NET National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Independent Living and facilitated by APRIL, the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living.

The goal of this series is to build a community of CILs serving rural areas in order to learn from one another and brainstorm ways to improve programs and overcome challenges together as CIL peers.

During the conversation, we will discuss the following questions:

  • What will services moving forward look like for you and your CIL in your state?
  • What creative services or staffing are you doing to meet new demands?
  • What are your ideas and questions for your peers?
  • Do you have any materials that would benefit your colleagues?
  • What funding opportunities are you finding and using to support shifts in service delivery or consumer needs?

We would like to provide a space for CIL peers to provide support to one another and share ideas for engaging your telecommuting employees and providing services electronically.

Please come and bring questions for your peers, bring your CIL's policies and brainstorm ideas with one another.

With community, we are stronger!

To join via Zoom: Please click the link:

To join via teleconference: Dial any of the following numbers and enter the Meeting ID: 762 652 116. All of the numbers will work, but selecting an area code that’s near you may improve your sound quality.

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